Fill-Rite 807CL - 3/4" Mechanical Flow Meter (19-76 LPM)
Fill-Rite 807CL 3/4" 3-Wheel Mechanical Flow Meter assures consistency, particularly in gravity flow applications. Designed for transfer pumps with a flow rate of 19 to 76 LPM.

Item                               807CL
Flow Rate                      19 - 76 LPM
Operating Pressure        50 Psig
Size                               ¾" NPT


Fill-Rite 901L1.5 - 1.5" Mech Flow Meter (23-151 LPM) made in usa
Fill-Rite 901L1.5 4-Wheel Mechanical Flow Meter is designed for Transfer pumps with a flow rate of 23 to 151 LPM.
Item                           901L
Flow Rate                  23 - 151 LPM
Operating Pressure    50 Psi
Size                            1.5" NPT

Fill-Rite 901 - 1" Mechanical Flow Meter (6-40 GPM) made in usa
Fill-Rite 901 4-Wheel Mechanical Flow Meter is designed for Transfer pumps with a flow rate of 6 to 40 GPM.

Item                           901
Flow Rate                    6 - 40 GPM
Operating Pressure     50 Psi
Size                             1" NPT


12 Volt DC  Pump With Meter
Fill-Rite FR4211D Hi-Flow Transfer Pump w/Meter (19 GPM)
Fill-Rite FR4211D Hi-Flow Transfer Pump  (19 GPM) MADE IN USA
Fill-Rite FR4211D 12-Volt high flow fuel transfer pump delivers up to 19 GPM (72 LPM) and low 22 Amp draw. FR4211D is designed for pumping gasoline, diesel fuel and kerosene. This 12 volt pump is one of the most popular fuel transfer pump from Fill Rite.

Item                         FR4211D
Max Flow Rate         19 GPM
Outlet Size               1" NPT
Power Supply           12 Volt DC

AC VOLT --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fill-Rite FR311V Hi-Flow AC Pump  115V (30 GPM)  made in USA
Fill-Rite FR311V 115 / 230 Volt Super High Flow AC transfer pump with meter delivers up to 30 GPM (113.55 LPM). This 115volt transfer pump is designed for pumping diesel fuel only.

Item                          FR311V
Max Flow Rate           30 GPM
Outlet Size                1" NPT
Power Supply            115/230 Volt AC

 Fill-Rite FR1211C Fuel Transfer Pump with Meter MADE IN USA      (13 GPM)

Fill-Rite FR1211C 12-Volt standard fuel transfer pump dispenses up to 13 GPM (49.2 LPM). Designed for pumping gasoline, diesel fuel and kerosene.

Item                      FR1211C
Max Flow Rate     13 GPM
Outlet Size            ¾" NPT
Power Supply       12 Volt DC



Fill-Rite FR701V Transfer Pump w/Meter 115 Volt (17GPM) made in usa
Fill-Rite FR701V 115-Volt AC transfer pump with meter delivers up to 17 GPM (64.3 LPM). FR701V is designed for pumping gas, diesel fuel and kerosene.

Item                      FR701V
Max Flow Rate       17 GPM
Outlet Size             ¾" NPT
Power Supply         115 Volt AC



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dispensers are available in a range of configurations starting from single nozzle to upto 8 nozzle pumps. They are available both in suction and submersible types as also in standard and heavy duty.
Single nozzle (Mono) and two nozzle (Duo) models  available in short and tall versions. The nozzles can either be lane or island oriented. Mono model is also available in a wide chasis. Suitable for all petroleum products. Available in ¾" and 1" with a Max Capacity of 45 to 80 LPM.

Mechanical dispensing pump comes in 2 models, with either computing or non-computing Veeder-Root mechanical register. Available in ¾" and 1" with a Max Capacity of 45 to 80 LPM




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