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We have established in 2000 Service and Maintenance facility FLOWTECK dedicated to The service of field Instrumentation and control systems related to oil, diesel and chemical.   All types of flow meters and pumps Sales and Services.







Ø      All types of Oil Diesel Filed Equipment

Ø      New  Fuel Field Site Insulation

Flow Meter    for Diesel                                

Ø      Flow Meter                          

Ø      Flow meters Spare Parts And Accessory

Ø      Fuel Dispenser

Ø      Flow Meter Stand

Ø      Flow Meter Box

Ø      Diesel Flow Meter 

Ø      Flow meter  Complete Skit   with Patrol Pump

Ø      Flow meter  Complete Skit   with Electric Pump

Ø      Flow meter  Complete Skit   with Patrol Pump

Ø      Flow meter  Complete Skit   with  Diesel Pump

Ø      Trolley type Flow Meter Skit

Diesel Meter

(Flow Meter Available Size: 1” Inch to 6”Inch

Diesel Selling meter

Pump for Diesel and Oil Transfer  


    Ø     Vanue Pump Coupled with Electric Motor

Ø     Vanue Pump Coupled with Electric Motor

Ø     Vanue Pump Coupled with Diesel Engine

Ø     Vanue Pump For PTO

Ø    Gear Pump

Ø     Gear Pump With Diesel Engine Drive Skit

Ø     Gear Pump With Electrical Driver Skit

Ø     Diesel l Engine Pump

Ø     High Capacity Gear  Pump

Ø      Pump with Diesel Engine   Ø      Pump with Patrol Engine

 Pipe Line Fittings  

Ø     Diesel Patrol Pump

Ø     Nozzles

Ø     Hose

Ø     Value & Fittings

Ø     Filter & Filter Body

Ø     Gate Valve Fittings

Ø     Pipe Line Filter

Ø     Cumlock & Coupling

Ø     Hose reel

Ø     Black Spairal Hose

Ø     Tank And Truck and Transport Equipment

Ø     Diesel Filter

Ø     Bottom Loading

Ø     Diesel Supply

Ø     Diesel  Meter

Ø     Oil Transfer Pump

Ø     Diesel Truck Pipe Line

Ø     Truck PTO Pump service

 Diesel Ship Equipment  

Ø     Flow Meter

Ø     Loading Un Loading Pump

Ø     Hose Fittings

Ø     Reducing Cumlock Fittings

Ø     Hose

Ø     Hose Connector

Ø     Control Valve




Service & SupportØ     Flow Meter & Pump Repairing and Maintenance

Ø     Ms Pipe Line Work

Ø     Gi Pipe Line Work



Ø      On Site Service

Ø      Work Shop Service

 Service Available  

Flow Meters Service  

Ø     Flow Meter Repairing & Re Calibration

Ø     Flow Meter Repairing 

Ø     Flow Meter Refurbishing

Ø     Meter & Pump Fixing on Pickup

Ø     Lc meter service

Ø     Tcs meter service

Ø     Fillrite meter service

Ø     Diesel Meter Service

PD Meter Service


Pump Service

Ø     Gear Pump’s Service

Ø     PTO Gear pump fixing on truck

Ø     Vanue pump Service

Ø     Pump Service

Ø     PTO Pump Service

Ø     Diesel Pump Service


Pipe Line Service

Ø     Pipe Line work

Ø     MS Pipe Line

Ø     Gi Pipe Line

Ø     New Site Pipe Line Planning

Ø     Pipe Line Fabrication

Ø     Pipe Line Filtration

Ø     New Pipe Line Welding


Other Service

Ø     System Leak Stop

Ø     Motor Control

Diesel sale



Diesel Tank

Tanker Truck pipe line

Our Service In  UAE     Dubai    Ajman   Sharjah  AbuDhabi  Alain  Ras al kahaimah  Fujairah

flowmeteruae           flow meter uae                 diesel supply uae          liqued control     fill rite fillrite    meter

 Fuel consumption measurement 


PD METER Ticket Printer

Mechanical Printer

Digital Printer

Laser Printer

Meter with printer

Flow meter with Printer

Fuel flow meter With Printer

Vane pump

Digital printer

Ovel meter with printer 




Preset Fuel Meter with Pump    AC / DC

Fuel Transfer Pump 12 V or 24 V DC or 230 V AC  

Preset Fuel Flow Meter

                       Diesel Spill Kit Bag   spill kit kit      Spill Kit For Diesel Tanker

spill kit uae diesel spillkitbag spill kit bag uae




a-2430 mesh filter 40x36  a2430 a mess filter  p/n a- 2430 filter er for meter   a-2430 made in china mesh 40x36     p.r.china   a-2430 filter mesh40x36 made in china a-2430 filter mesh40x36 made in china

Leading Industrial and Oil=field equipment supply company diesel meter water meter

oval gear flow meter pd meter  turbine flow meter flo metar diesel meter uae

LC Meter With Yanmar Pump  Air Eliminator Stainer Register 

  • Material : Polypropylene  MEASURING CYLINDER

measuring jugs 


Plastic Measuring Jug 1L / 2L / 3L / 5L

Ms pipe Line  loading unloading line control valve  Sanva valve

Oil Filter Diesel Filter  Inlet & Outlet  Wheeel type

pump With Electric Motor with Gear Reducer Coupling Tyer Coupling

Lc Meter With Pump  MS Stand

Diesel Filter  Patrol Filter

 MS Pipe line for Diesel  


flow meter uae  water meter automatic Nozzle  Magnetic flow meter  oval gear flow meter  dispenser with printer hot water meter  Cold water meter oil Field equipment  water meter uae water meter dubai water meter abu dhabi water meter oman muscat water meter qatar  water meter sharjah water meter musaffah water meter rak water meter fujairah P/N A2430 FILTER P/N A3430 FILTER  P/N A-2430 FILTER P/N A-3430 FILTER tcs diesel meter output rs485    diesel meter signal out put 4–20 mA

flow meter uae  water meter automatic Nozzle  Magnetic flow meter  oval gear flow meter  dispenser with printer hot water meter  Cold water meter oil Field equipment  A B METER UAE

consumption flow meter   oval gear flow meter uae  thermalflow meter   ultrasonic level meter electronic flow switch wet gas flow meter mass flow meter  level meter magnetic flow meter corioils mass flow meter rotory piston Flow meter digital flow meter portable flow meter gas flow meter gas mass flow meter turbine flow meter mechanical flow meter mechanical water meter mechanical diesel meter roots flow meter electro magnetic flow meter flow indicator level switch ultrasonic water flow meter

water meter uae water meter dubai water flow meter uae






CIMTEK FILTER     PARTICULS 70020  70015  DIESEL FILTER  particuls filter for diesel

diesel meter filter filter for diesel

Diesel Meter Filter Size Available: 2" 3" & 4"  stainless steel filter mess fil lc  tcs mess filter china mess filter india fuel filter mesh filter for diesel mesh 40x36

mesh filter 40x36  40 x 36

water meter for hot water ,  water meter for industrial  

this pump For diesel, kerosene, 12V and 24V available
Flow rate: 38L/min

Midco Dispenser Photo

                     Fill Rite Meter With  Automatic Nozzle

 fuel transfer pump Dc 12v      Diesel Pump DC 24 V   Uae    Dc pump with meter 


Flow meter uae